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Airports, Transportation Center

Airport flight information display systems that show arrival and departure times have been around for decades. In recent years, some enterprising airports, rail stations, and bus depots have upgraded these screens to show real-time information on trip delays, weather, news and sports coverage, stock market updates, and other information that passengers might want.These next-generation displays can reduce the workload for staff members (since fewer travelers are asking them for schedule updates), and also cut down on the perceived waiting time for passengers. In some cases, advertising time is sold to marketers who want to reach travelers. For example, a restaurant in New York might advertise in airports nationwide, but only at the gates that have flights heading to New York.

Suggested applications:

Large flight information displays
Settled at the entrance for directions.
LCD at the internal shop
Waiting room for flight and air company information.
Portrait screens at the large lobby.
Some more

Possible contents:

Way finding changeable signage (Baggage claim, terminals etc¡­)
Flight arrival and departure information
Emergency alert system
Information and kiosk system
Ticket booth identifying system
Car rental information displays
Airport Advertising
Security monitoring
Hotel finder
Retail concession store identifier
Video wall systems
Digital Changeable posters
And more


Low cost compare to the existing fixed way finding signage
Changes to the display messages can be applied immediately
Emergency alerts can be displayed immediately
Faster and cost efficient than static signage and installations
Digital changeable posters can be eye catching and cost effective
Animated sign messages are more visible than the static signs
Scalable with manageable from a single location
Advertisement revenue can be increased with LCD screens than light boxes displays