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Banks, Financial Institutions

Fewer things are more annoying than spending time waiting in line. Don't you agree that time seems to go by faster while waiting in a line if you have something interesting to look at? That is why banks are becoming one of the largest venues to embrace digital signage. Most likely, your financial institution has plenty of products and services that would probably be of benefit to your customers if only they knew about them. Digital signage is a great way to promote these products.Digital Signage is the perfect solution to install around waiting areas, behind your tellers, transactional kiosks, and in drive-through lines. It also provides a most efficient way for a central management among all branches or a certain local area network.


Suggested applications:

TV screens used in Lobbies, Teller Lines and Drive Up Lanes
One or Two Digital Signage Channels (locations) per branch
Multiple branches will use mostly standard content which is determined by marketing department with a little bit of branch specific content entered by the branch manager

Targeted directly to the members - can provide competitively sensitive material since the information is not seen outside of the facility

Possible Content:

Business hours
Current interest rates
Financial advice
Community involvement
Special programs being offered
Recognition of loyal customers
Recognition of helpful employees
Customer quotes and awards


Connect and educate your clientele on the many products and services that your branch offers.
Improve the in-branch customer experience.
Entertainment for your patrons, helping decrease perceived wait times.
Delivery of on-time content.
Branch specific content delivery.
Ensure consistent corporate communications.
Employee training after hours.
Monthly fee is significantly less cost than one local newspaper or television ad per month - even with many branches
Demonstrate the bank is technologically current