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Entertainment place

Digital signage systems in zoos, museums, aquariums, theme parks, nature centers and other entertainment park related industries offers the ability to decrease staffing costs, increase sales, manage traffic flow and increase the customer's enjoyment and satisfaction, thus reducing vandalism and improving sales. The key to success in this industry is happy customers because happier customers spend more than their unhappy counterparts.

Suggested applications:

Specially designed outdoor enclosures that house TV or LCD screens which are strategically located around the entertainment parks.
Promotional advertising displays -promote high-margin products and upcoming events to influence buying decisions and increase sales.
Event/show introductions -dynamically update contents for show, or events, with event/show title, and start time
Way-finding with directional lobby displays -direct visitor to the right location, minimizing staff's time
Live HDTV feed -Smart Content technology allows you to pull real-time data to display for your customers, such as live news videos, RSS feeds, weather, music videos, entertainment, or sports

Possible Contents:

Opening hours with the current time listed
Upcoming presentations to keep people entertained
Upcoming events and specials to get people to come back
Information on the specific exhibit that it is near
Food or product specials in other areas of the park to move traffic to lower populated areas
Specials targeted to increase sales during hot or cold days
Promotions near park exits 30 minutes prior to closing to migrate traffic towards the exits
Recognition of stellar customers
Recognition of helpful employees
Promotions and messages that are outdoor temperature based. For example, hot days may promote ice cream and cold days

promote tacos and hot dogs
Tornado shelter and other public safety information during storms based on weather information
Meeting room assignments
Safety reminders
Safety statistics
Recognition of helpful employees for the day
Alerts (storms, heat exhaustion) with instructions on how to address it
Training reminders
Upcoming events
Recognition of new employees


Savings from reduced employee salaries by getting visitors out closer to closing time
Additional sales on temperature related products
Shortens the customer's perception of wait time in lines
Demonstrates community activity - can even include local information and upcoming events
Acknowledge select customers for achievement who are known by others viewing the digital signage