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Hospital, Dentist, Healthcare

Hospitals, Doctors offices, Dentist offices, Pet clinics. Digital signage networks are being placed throughout hospitals to deliver facility information, present preventative health programming and advertise products and services. Waiting areas of medial and dental offices also subscribe to closed-circuit television programming to maximize patient's attention, encouraging the doctor-patient relationship and better overall healthcare.


Suggested applications:

▶Large TV or plasma screen in waiting room, mounted in high-visibility location

Smaller TVs or computer monitors in staff break areas

Multiple locations can show same or customized content

Simple text (in multiple languages) and graphic slides (with or without audio), or full video

Possible contents:

General Information

Medicare/Medicaid information

Affiliate insurance programs

Hospital information and facility locations

Medical facility map

Clinic locations

Patient education

General health tips

Frequently asked questions and answers

Animations of procedures, diseases, how organs function, etc

Healthcare provider information

Help patients become familiar with the individuals who are providing their care. Content ideas include: education, other training, medical interests, etc.

Recognize staff members for various accomplishments, welcome new staff members and introduce them to patients via the display

"Message from your doctor"

Screen with picture of healthcare provider and his/her personal message to patients about the clinic's interest in providing the best care, etc.

News, Weather, and Sports


Digital Signage China, LCD advertising playerReduces staff interruption

Digital Signage China, LCD advertising playerProvides low-cost, timely information

Digital Signage China, LCD advertising playerReaches every visitor

Digital Signage China, LCD advertising playerMulti-lingual support

Digital Signage China, LCD advertising playerAudio or silent mode operation

Digital Signage China, LCD advertising playerEasy, efficient way to present public service announcements

Digital Signage China, LCD advertising playerCan use existing televisions and cable network