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Hotels, Inns

Service oriented businesses such as Hotels, Casinos, Resorts, Cruise Ships, Night Clubs, Bars, VIP Club Rooms and others use close-circuited solutions to broadcast helpful, targeted messages to members and guests.Screens strategically placed throughout each venue offer services such as directions and reservations, resort amenities and convention and meeting schedules, all of which enhance the member/guest experience and make their stay more pleasant and enjoyable.

Suggested applications:

Larger TV or Plasma Screens behind front desk or in lobby to display information about the hotel, nearby restaurants, weather, movie theaters, meeting room locations, weddings or other information.

If hotel has cable distribution hardware, it may also be possible to distribute all digital signage content to a cable channel on each guest room TV

One digital signage channel for each hotel location

Possible contents:

Hotel Information/Policies
Pool Hours and Location
special room promotions
Directions to a certain room, such as meeting room, guest room etc.
Cross-Promotion with in-house restaurant
Frequent traveler Incentive advertising
Local business advertising and promotions
Community Events
Sports schedules
employee recognition


Increased sales for hotel by increasing guest awareness of room specials, etc
Potential revenue stream from signage advertising pages
Build Loyalty & Differentia, Inform your guests of all your property has to offer and make it COMPELLING!
Cost Savings & Benefits Over Traditional Media: There are no printing costs for your messages, Ad creation time is lowered.
Indirect payback:
Demonstrate hotel is technology and future oriented
Assist guests in locating meeting rooms, pool and hotel facilities
Increase guest awareness for local businesses
Provide guest service with current weather and travel conditions
Increase service level to guests with local restaurant promotions
Recognize high performing staff members