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Betvis 55'' Free Standing digital signage lcd display Enters Maxim's de Paris Airport Chain Store

- Oct 27, 2017 -



"Maxim's de Paris" is a famous French consumer brand,  it is well known to the world because of its profound history and culture. As is known, there are many high-nd brands in the major airports, including famous chocolate brand like "Maxim's de Paris".  In the entrance of each store of "Maxim's de Paris", there is Betvis floor standing digital signage lcd display.

Like the well-known Eiffel Tower,"Maxim" restaurant is another famous place in Paris, France. The ancient brand in the screen of modern media equipment BV-5514I digital signage kiosk conveys a dynamic and granded feeling and shows a different temperament!

It is reported that Maxim's de Paris" chocolates sold in the airport  taste fine with pure texture, especially the bitter chocolate whose cocoa ingredients are high, is the luxury of the Kingdom of chocolate!

In order to meet the special installation environment the airport environment, the digital signage totom BV5514I floor-type digital signage machine is with the frame of the aluminum alloy shape bending, and adopts the use of thick galvanized cold-rolled steel to be the main structure; in addition, the digital signage display stand is with the highest safety factor of 6mm all steel riot glass.


Floor-Type Advertising Kiosk


Network Free-Stangding display

System: It adopts the use of a new CMS software architecture. For different terminal platform, you can choose a different task to create the page; It also supports server cluster and load balancing; it also increases and improves the various log and statistical functions to facilitate the user data mining and terminal maintain.

In short, TheAdvertising 55inch digital signage lcd totem is with strong hardware and software features,  so that it makes Maxim's franchise stores worry-free,and they can freely deploy all kinds of promotional information , all kinds of programs arbitrary arrangement, high-definition picture realistic display ... ... attracting customers to the store in a flock.

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