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- Jul 28, 2016 -

Liquid crystal is in the middle of nature, there's a very strange state, which resulted in a new field of study. Nature is made up of a wide variety of different substances. Previously, people know is there are 3 States of matter: solid, liquid and gas. Solid and can be divided into the crystalline and amorphous. Molecules in the crystalline solids with order and orderliness, the so-called long range order. Of course these little vibration can occur in equilibrium position, but on average, they have been maintaining this highly ordered arrangement. Which forces between individual molecules stack together takes a lot of force to undermine the ordered structure of the solid, so solid was hard, has a definite shape. it is difficult to deformation. When a State when a solid is heated, generally speaking, it will be transformed into isotropic liquid at the melting point. This isotropic molecular alignment of liquid does not have long range order. That is, the molecule does not take place, nor orientation in a special manner.

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