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How to Extend your digital signage displays’ life span

- Nov 06, 2017 -

                                         How to Extend your digital signage displays’  life span


Digital signage advertising display is called the fifth media, coordinated with printed media, radio, TV and Internet, which has a strong visual impact. Nowadays, we can see signage screens almost everywhere, because more and more enterprises and businessmen aim to influence their potential consumers through advertising displays, to promote their brands.


However, as a high-load electronic advertising equipment, the digital advertising screen is easily to be damaged. How to extend the life span of these screens, that’s a question for all the users, who want to maximize their investment. Here are 8 ways to take care of your advertising screens as follows:



1.    Most of the multi-media advertising screens are placed in public, the equipment will be greatly damaged if the voltage is unstable. It is recommended to provide the screens with stable voltage, keep in mind that the screens should not share the power with high power equipment like elevator.

2.    Place the advertising displays in ventilated and dry environment without direct sunlight. To protect the screen from rain, humidity, which may leads to rust or oxidation.

3.    The free standing LCD display should not be placed in confined spaces. Do not cover the ventilation holes, and set it aside away from the wall or any obstructions, so there is enough heat dissipation space around to ensure the normal operation.

4.    The time interval of turning on and off should be over 10 seconds, preventing the components from repeated electric shock.


5.    Insert or pull the USB flash drive and TF card carefully according to its instructions, in case of damaging the card pins.


6.    Turn off the display and unplug it before cleaning the screen panel. Wipe it with a clean soft cloth, never spay on the screen directly

7.    Clean and scrub the metal housing with a soft dry cloth, never spray liquid on the equipment

8.    Do not disassemble or repair the advertising display by yourself, and prevent high voltage electric shock or other risks. Only professional technicians can be allowed to take apart the equipment for maintainence. 



Generally speaking, the display life span can be extend efficiently if you follow all the above points and pay more attention on the maintainence.

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