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How to Make Your Advertising Machine Eye-catching

- Nov 29, 2017 -

How to Make Your Advertising Machine Eye-catching

Recently advertising digital signage lcd display is widely used in transportation, medical, business building, retail store, education and government fields. Making advertisement contents attractive is the best way to make full use of the value of the advertising machine. Now, we will lead you to seek for the secrets facilitating advertising machine eye-catching. 


1. high-quality advertisement contents is needed.

It's studied that High-definition and interesting images can evoke watchers active response and linger long time in front of the advertising screen. Necessary visual impact appears to contemporary people's taste, and leaves strong impression.

2.  Advertisement content should be Practical and versatile 

Advertsement program can not only involves practical product promotion information, but also can add some unrelated but necessary for watcher's life, such as, date, time, weather and  news,ect. which will attract more attention.

3. Real-time updating content is recommended.

To make the advertising machine efficient used, owners must prepare for updating the advertisement content anytime. Frequent out-of-time content display will decrease the advertising machine utilization. Especially for cloth stors and enterprise's advertising machine. It's recommended to make the content updating twice a week.

Many public places such as airport station, subway station and bus station, whose advertisements will be much fixed, can improving by changing the content display methods.

4. make the advertisement layout chagable

Even the advertisement content needn't change, designers can make it eye-catching by changing the overall layout of the advertisements.

5. Make control of the advertisement length.

It's necessary to control the advertisement length since watchers usually make short stay in front of the advertising machine.

6. Interactive experience is important.

Interactive activity onadvertising machine can stimulate customers shopping experience, and increase their purchase desire.

People can pick up what they are interested independently and control the information reading sequence and speed by use interactive advertising machine; in addition, they can also finish self-purchase on the interactive advertising machine with non-cash methods.

Can you get the above eye-catching methods for advertising machine?

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