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LCD commercial use

- Jul 28, 2016 -

In 1961, the United States RCA company Princeton laboratory has a young e-scholar f · Heimeier is preparing his PhD thesis defence, in order to study the effect of external electric field on Crystal electric field, he thought of the LCD. He was sandwiched between two sheets of transparent conductive glass dye-doped Nematic Liquid crystals. When both sides of the liquid crystal layer subjected to several kV voltage, liquid crystal layer from red to transparent mode. Born in electronics, he realized immediately that this is not a color flat-panel TV? 

RCA Corporation attaches to their research, has been classified as a major enterprise secret project until 1968, when, in a report broadcast coverage of the latest scientific and technological achievements to the world. The report immediately drew Japan technology, industry attention. Japan was the rise of large scale integrated circuits and LCD combination based on "personal electronic" market-oriented, and soon developed a series of commercial product, open the LCD shows the practical situation, grasp the initiative, leading to this growth contributed to Japan the astonishing growth of the microelectronics industry.

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