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LCD screen

- Jul 28, 2016 -

2. shading into sheet-deployment of a good LCD, and as far as possible in one shift (eight hours) used, unused LCD need recovery after mixing test voltage before use. Over time, drive voltage will increase.

3. after the LCD from the original bottle used, the original bottle cap shading you want to save and reduce opening is exposed to the air in the time exposed to the air for too long, will increase the leakage of liquid crystals.

4. filling of low threshold voltage liquid crystal display LCD box preferably from PI-solid until the irrigation process, stream to save production time within 24 hours of an empty box, liquid operations generally use a lower perfusion rate.

5. low threshold voltage liquid crystal sealing must be stamped with the appropriate hood and irrigation during the LCD apart from sealing adhesive during curing, as a whole, as far as possible from UV light source. Otherwise it will appear close to the ultraviolet fault and threshold voltage increases.

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