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LCD structure

- Jul 28, 2016 -

iquid crystal is a substance between liquid and crystalline States. In addition to some properties of both liquid and Crystal (such as mobility, anisotropy, and so on), but also has its own unique character. For liquid crystal research has become a compelling subject.

Liquid crystal materials are mainly aliphatic, aromatic, stearic acid and other organic matter. LCD is also present in biological structures, daily adequate concentrations of soapy water solution is a liquid crystal. By organic synthesis of liquid crystalline materials have had thousands of species much. Due to the different environmental conditions, liquid crystals can be divided into two broad categories: exists only within a certain temperature range LCD for thermotropic; some compounds dissolve in water or organic solvent and liquid crystals lyotropic liquid crystals. Lyotropic liquid crystals and related biological tissue, study the relationship between liquid crystal and living cells, is one of the biophysical research today.

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