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LCD uses

- Jul 28, 2016 -

Materials for liquid crystal display is the most common use of electronic forms and the Calculator display board, why display figure? This liquid electro-optical display material, using electro-optic effect of liquid crystals to convert electrical signals into characters, images, and visual signaling. LCD in normal circumstances, the molecules arranged orderly, clear and transparent, once coupled with DC electric field,, the arrangement of molecules is upset, some liquid crystals become opaque, color burn, and thus can display numbers and images.

Liquid crystal electro-optic effect refers to the interference, scattering, diffraction, optical rotation, absorption of electric field modulation of optical phenomena.

According to the characteristics of liquid crystal color, used to indicate the temperature, alarm, gas and so on. For example, liquid crystals with temperature change the color from red to green and blue. This can indicate that the temperature of an experiment. Liquid crystal encounter toxic gases such as hydrogen chloride, hydrogen cyanide, will also change color.

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