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LCD viewing angle

- Jul 28, 2016 -

LCD viewing angle left, up and down is not necessarily symmetric. For example, when the backlight by incident light polarizer, liquid crystal and alignment film back, output will have specific characteristics, that is to say, most of the light from the screen shot with the vertical. If viewed from a very oblique angle a all white screen, we may see a black or color distortion. In General, the angle is less than or equal to the left and right angle up or down. If the viewing angle is about 80 degrees, screens starting in the normal 80 degrees where you can clearly see the screen image. However, due to the different scope of human vision, if there is no station at the optimal viewing angle, see color and brightness will have errors. Now some manufacturers to develop a variety of wide viewing angle technology, tried to improve the LCD viewing angle characteristics, such as: IPS (In Plane Switching), MVA (Multidomain Vertical Alignment), TN+FILM. These technologies can increase to 160 degree viewing angle liquid crystal display, and more.

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