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The development of LCD technology

- Jul 28, 2016 -

After the G.Freidel, liquid crystals temporarily into the Valley, some say, is liquid crystal research gaps for the period 1930-1960. The reason, presumably because at that time did not find practical applications of liquid crystals. However, in the meantime, semiconductor electronics industry has achieved great development. 

For the application of liquid crystal display, visualization of transparent electrode and liquid crystal and semiconductor integrated circuit micromachining technology indispensable. With the advancement of the semiconductor industry, the technology has matured. In the 1940 of the 20th century, developed the Silicon semiconductor, use of conduction electrons in n-type semiconductor and conduction holes in p-type semiconductors form PN interface (pnjunction), the invention of the diode and the transistor. Prior to this, for the transition from AC to DC rectifier circuit functions, using diodes to achieve amplification and transistors to be used.

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