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Tips on How to do Daily Maintenance for Advertising Machine

- Nov 23, 2017 -

Tips on How to do Daily Maintenance for Advertising Machine 

With the development of media technology, advertising display, as an important information issuing tools, has been widely used in many commercial fields. With its speeding enterance in business fileds, the maintenance of digital signage lcd display has rised growing attention of its users. Correct maintenance of digital signage lcd display is not only good for prolonging it's work life, but also for saving  future maintenance cost. Here Betvis International Co' Ltd like to offer you some good tips:

1. Paying attention to screen clearning

Regular advertising machine cleaning habit is needed.  Spray some special syrup on the screen and use the white cloth gently wipe. Try not to use much moisture wet cloth. Wet cloth will leave moisture on the screen and emit into the edge of the screen causing short circuit. It's recommended to use the glasses cloth, lense paper and other soft scrubs to wipe the screen preventing doing unnecessary scrash to the screen.

2. Pay attention to the maintaenance of the application environment

The application enviroment cause direct influence on working life of digital signage lcd display. If the sunlight is too strong, even exposed to direct sunlight will influence its showing quality and will also cause harm to digital signage lcd display electronic components. Meanwhile, the humidity of the display application environment must keep modirate, too much humidity will affect the circuit, causing the improper working of digital signage.

3. Pay attention to the display itseld conservation 

Random turning on and off will cause damage to screen elctronic component, then influence its working span. 

Nowadays, advertising digital signage display can be seen shopping mall, bank, commercial buildings. As a necessary part of advertising industry, it has become more and more popular. Knowing how to maintain your digital signage lcd display, you will be able to make your digital signage clean and with long working span.

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