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What is Digital Signage

- Feb 13, 2017 -

Digital Signage is a new media concept, which is a professional audio-visual system to display multimedia information including video, pictures, messages....in the commercial, financial and entertainment of large shopping malls, supermarkets, hotel lobbies, hotels, cinemas and other public places. It is aimed for a specific group of advertising at specific place and in a specific time period for a specific group. Nowdays, it is also with the paper media, radio, television and the Internet side by side, called "The Fifth Media."

With the continuous development of modern technology, the application of digital display technology will be everywhere. Digital signage has been widely used in financial, telecommunications, hospitals, stores, supermarkets, hotels, public places and so on. It has been widely used in the fields of finance, telecommunications, hospitals, stores, public places and so on. The digital signage system uses advanced design concept, open interface, can be integrated into a variety of applications. Digital signage system can be multimedia content playback time, playback frequency and playback range of statistics and records, but also in the play at the same time to achieve more powerful interactive features, to create a new media opportunities.

Digital Signage Solution Features:

1. Simple program editing interface, the operator  can use the content management software anytime, anywhere free to publish a variety of text, icons, animation, video, audio information and other digital information into a "digital signage" to advertising without special training.

2. Easy maintenance. The system automatically play and update contents via network remotely.

3. Powerful multimedia playing function, support for composite video, component video, HDTV high-definition video and other mainstream formats, to achieve any window, transparent overlay, trick flip, scroll text and other ways of mixed display.

4. the use of a variety of media performance (video, audio, pictures, animation), called splitting screens function.

5. a dynamic advertising, allowing the content of any time changing.

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