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55 Inch Free Stand Signage Kiosk Enters Xianyang International Airport

- Nov 20, 2017 -


55" free stand signage kiosk enters Xiangyang International airport

How to update passengers with departure and destination weather, and keep them know the flight information at the first time, is of great importance to improve the passengers’ satisfaction, especially in constantly weather changing.

In real life, once extreme weather appear, passenger behavior such as consulting, endorse, refund will be concentrated outbreak, leading to much extra work to the airport reception and against to maintenance to the airport. Recently, xi 'an xianyang international airport has purchased dozens of 55” floor standing digital signage directory kiosk from us, with embedded DSM80 content management system, users can deploy multi-media formats, such as pictures, text, video, back ground music, weather forecast, real-time news, emergency messages etc. to notify the passengers of the information they want to know immediately.


The 55" standing digital signage kiosk is equiped with aluminum border, and thicken galvanized cold-rolled metal case, protected by 6mm thickness tempered glass, making the kiosk very strong to be vandal-proof. 


Regarding the DSM80 system, it is based on web structure, users can easily log in the system through WEB page or web browser from your computer or cellphone at any time and anywhere. The software key features:

  • support almost all the mainstream media formats  of video, audio, image, and also support calendar, weather forecast,  scrolling text, rss feed and streaming video (HTTP and RTSP) 

  • remote monitor funtion, manage the screen  setting, like volume, brightness, on/off time, reboot setting, download time  setting etc

  • create different domain (Corp ID ) for different  companies, so user can manage their own players independently while using the  same server

  • Log report and statistics, users can retrieve log  report of all the players and export to EXCEL form, including player  information, media name, duration... information from any period as users  choosen.

  • Different levels management, allow company to  create different roles with different authorities to each management  level

More details on DSM80 software, click here!

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