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Betvis Digital Signage Successfully Enters Education Fields

- Sep 30, 2017 -

                                      Betvis Digital Signage Successfully Enters Education Fields

Streamlining and speeding up communications between staff and students are among the many benefits digital signage offers to public and private education facilities. Adding this with cost efficiencies across the board – from print material savings through to time effectiveness, there is no wonder that the Education sector is one of the highest adopters of digital signage.

In the past 3 months, more than 200pcs wall mount digital signage lcd display has been installed successfully in more 20 primary school in Minhang Dist, Shanghai.


The Electronic class card provided by Betvis facilitates education as below:


1. School Promotion: It fully shows special teaching characteristics, the faculty quality, school News & Events, and students performances.

2 .Effecient Communications: It builds a convenient bridge among teachers, parents and student for students  interactions on life and study.

3. Teaching: It provides school and teacher easy and convenient teaching and managing tools, promoting school informatization mamagement level.

4. Teaching Content Enriching: It makes students develop strong point and broaden horizon.


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