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Betvis Integrates GPS Into Bus Digital Signage

- Sep 11, 2017 -

Betvis Integrates GPS into Bus Digital Signage

With the development of transportation technology, passengers now can enjoy trip experience on the bus, the boring time becoming more and more colorful. Betvis newly-developed GPS location based advertising solution is designed for precision marketing. This solution also includes bus stop announcement function by binding demand campaign through DSM80 CMS Software.


After making demand campaign programs, users can use location based CMS software to input each bus stop coordinate and link them to the demand programs respectively. When the bus stop is detected by the GPS on the bus, the corresponding demand program will be triggered automatically.


Program layout of Bus Stop under a Bus Line includes:

1. A picture showing the coming bus stop, or

2. A text area showing the bus stop name;

3. Audio music area for bus announcement;

4. Other areas for images, videos, etc.

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