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Betvis Launch New Digital Signage Player Supporting HDMI Input And 4K Resolusion

- Feb 08, 2017 -

Betvis Launch New Digital Signage Player Supporting HDMI Input and 4K Resolusion

Today, Betvis launch 4K digital signage player with HDMI IN. It supports H.256 4K decoding and Full HD Video with powerful video and graphics processing power, and fanless design to give audience best experience. Also with HDMI Input, it allows users to connect FHD live video source directly into the digtial signage player. 

Functionalities are as follows:

Support HDMI Input

Support 4K Video, HTML5, AV-in video, RSS, weather, Social Media, Date/Time,etc.

Incorporate with UVC compatible USB camera

Incorporate with USB HID compliance touch screens

Redundancy Monitoring

Playlog Report and Export

Offer flexible task scheduling

Allow self-designed template creation

Show both zone-type displays and full-screen Displays

Provide 3 models programs: Loop program, On-demand program (POD) and Insert program 

By the way, in order to get real 4K advertising display, users have to make sure the following three factors:

Digital Signage Player can support 4K decoding and 4K output;

LCD Screen has to be with 4K resolution;

Content has to be 4K resolution;

Without any one of those above factors, 4K is impossible to get.

Betvis can provide perfect 4K digital signage solution, digital signage system including digital signage software, digital signage hardware and technical service so that users can easily get 4K digital signage solution, which can be easily and successfully applied in hotel, supermarket, airport, hospital, hotel, retails....

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