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Betvis Restaurant Digital Signage Solution

- Nov 29, 2016 -


Betvis restaurant digital signage solution helps QSR to streamline their service process and promote customer experience within a budget.

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Complete Solution for Restaurant

Restaurant Greeting Kiosk

• Welcome your customers
• Update specials everyday
• Display coupons for download

• Display QR code for reservation

Digital Menu

• Easy-to-use digital menu software
• Multiple templates for choice
• No external player required
• No technical training required

Wall Screen

• Daily special & Discount package
• Multiple stretched LCD sizes
• Super-slim appearance

• Standalone type optional

Self-help Kiosk

• Take a queue number
• Self-help order

• Download coupons

Professional Software 

Trouble-free digital signage software adaptable to all kinds of application scenarios.


•Web-Based Interface
•Support unlimited players
•Multiple-Corporation support
•Content Management
•Playlist Scheduling, Layout Change
•User Management, Reporting

Betvis International Co., Limited

Add: Floor 7, No.865, Jiuxin Road, Shanghai, P.R.China, 201615 
Tel: +86 21 57622267 
Fax: +86 21 57622267-8005
Email: info@betvis.com 

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