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Betvis Smart Digital Menu Board Solution

- Aug 23, 2017 -

With time going by and technology developing, digital menu boards is moving into the quick-service and fast casual restaurant environments at a rapid pace. Most restaurants hope to replace the traditional and labor-costing promotion methods like chalkboards and plastic letters with the digital menu board. They know well how effective and efficient digital menu boards can increase their overall market share.

Betvis digital menu board is a new invention conforming to this technology trend. It allows restaurant offerings to be dynamic, clear and interactive, and it also integrates static or full-motion content, displaying an eye-grabbing effect. It allows restaurants to:

▪ Incorporate images, videos, logos, weather, time and webpage, etc into menu program

▪ Instantly update contents like daily specials and promotions 

▪ Make changes and updates for prices for single or all screens at the same time

▪ Loop playback at automatic dayparting of menu boards.

▪ Make instant and emergent content or programmed content.

▪ Centralized control of marketing, promotions and menu board content.

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