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Betvis Smart Hospital Intelligent Medical Display System

- Oct 25, 2017 -

Betvis Intelligent Medical Display System


Good medical order, not only needs people's moral sense, but also a convenient and effective guidance system - Betvis Intelligent Medical Display System. Designed to improve the medical environment and hospital service level, it is not only a set of queuing system, but also a comprehensive set of information guidance system. In short, intelligent medical display signs equal to information release plus touch interaction.

Intelligent Medical Information Release Signs carry out unified comprehensive management to all of information display terminals, including outpatient department, outpatient infusion room, medical technical department, laboratory examination and so on, through network to establish a set of triage guidance management platform with flexible centralized management, immediate display triage queue information, real-time release broadcast hospital internal and external notice, announcements, hospital publicity materials, news, etc.


The Hospital Triage Queuing Guiding System is the subsystem of the issuing system. It refers to the intelligent call and queue management system, which is used in hospital outpatient building, the inpatient building, the comprehensive building and so on for waiting, charging and taking the medicine. Doctors and nurses can call the patients orderly through the system so that to achieve the standardization of hospital's medical order and the outpatient management modernization. The system can be compatible with the use of medical card, hospital card, convenient for patients’ registration, medical treatment, taking medicine, etc. It can solve the call and queuing management system and hospital Management database system interface connection, and appropriate room to expand and update.

The main function of Betvis Intelligent Medical Information Guide System include: Floor Guide, Department Introduction, Medical Guidance, Information Disclosure, Booking Registration, Hospital Summary, Surrounding Introduction, etc.

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