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Brief Introduction On How To Buy A Cost-effective Touch Screen

- Nov 28, 2017 -

Brief Introduction On How To Buy a Cost-effective Touch Screen


As a new type of all in one LCD display, touch screen display is coming out gradually into people’s vision. Each digital signage touch screen is consists of several parts, such as various size, different configurations, and touch screen varieties which causes difficult in choosing the right one especially for those who are not familiar with touch screen. Here we would like to briefly introduce how to choose a quality touch screen display for beginners.


1.       Purchase touch screen display of proper configurations according to requirements


Touch screen itself is an all in one computer with touch function, and its performance is mainly based on the configurations. However, it is important to note that the kiosk configuration should be the proper the best, rather than the highest the best. Although touch all in one PC with higher configuration can highly improve its performance, it’s a waste if users don’t make full use of it. Before making your decision, we should first know the touch screen display application and function, choose the most suitable configurations based on the kiosk usage and software running system. In this way, the display can meet all user’s requirements, but also with a high price /performance ratio.


2.       Choose the proper size of touch screen panel


In the composition of the touch screen hardware, the LCD panel is definitely the largest and key one. As we all know, the bigger the LCD panel is, the price higher. However there is no need to choose the largest panel size, it is better to choose the suitable size according to the actual installation environment. It is recommended to choose industrial-grade LCD panel if you have adequate budget, which is the best quality with longer life span, but price higher. As for touch screen, there are basically 4 kinds on the market current, they are capacitive touch, infrared touch, resistive touch, and optical touch screen. Infrared touch is widely used with the most mature technology, it features at accurate and smooth touch performance, and continuous drawing lines, which becomes the mainstream touch screen in all in one display manufacturing.


That is a brief introduction of how to buy a cost effective touch screen. We should abandon the erroneous belief that the more the goods cost, the better they must be. Pls keep in mind that always choose the touch screen kiosk with good reputation, the quality and after-sale service can be guaranteed.



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