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Digital Signage For Hospital

- Sep 07, 2017 -

Digital Signage For Hospital

 hospital digital signage

Digital signage in hospitals is flexible, dynamic and engaging, which can improve your patient and visitor experience, build community and empower your staff.


▪ Placing digital screens waiting areas can help lower patient’s anxiety, alleviate frustration and reduce the perceived wait time .

▪ Placing digital screens as wayfinding, which will allow your patients and visitors get to destination faster and more easily.

▪ Digital screens can effectively inform and promote products, services and events to visitors without being seen as pushy.

▪ Digital signage can act as an emergency alert system.

Betvis Digital Signage System allows anyone to easily build and manage a centrally controlled network of dynamic displays. Screens/Displays connected to DSM80 software/player are controlled from a central location through any IP-based network including LAN, WAN, wired or wireless, 3G, 4G. 

Here are a few ways that hospitality utilizes Betvis digital signage system.

hospital way-finding kiosk
hopsital wall mout with queueing system

Video Wall for reception/ lobby area:

The reception area of hospital is often its centerpiece, and there will be many patients and visitors gathered here when they come to hospital. The stunning video wall arrays and appealing contents can attract visitor’s attention. Hospital also can present their doctor’s information on duty on the video wall for patient’s reference. 

Digital Building Directory:

Digital signage system can do easy directory and wayfinding in hospital to eliminates the need for printed signage for any room changes. 

Doctor’s room small size display:

Digital displays can be placed in each doctor’s room to show the doctor’s information and hospital information and promotion… 

Create smart system with Integration of 3rd party’s system including queueing system and other systems as you requested. 

Betvis digital signage player with AV-input and HDMI Input (optional), which  allows users to display TV channel and advertising together in same page. 

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