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Digital Signage Solution With Motion Sensor

- Aug 15, 2017 -

Digital Signage Solution with Motion Sensor

Most digital signage displays play content in a loop or change according to a fixed time schedule. This old fashion way certainly is not intelligent enough since digital screens today are suppose to have a more efficient way of communication with viewers.


Do audiences really have viewers there?

How many customers are looking for LCD Advertising Displays with a motion sensor function? Apparently quite a lot!

Digital signage displays automatically play movie/pictures/music when somebody moves in the front of the screen (has a built in sensor) which will definitely catch people’s attention. There’s a few companies that sell these units. One of them being Betvis. We manufacture a 10 or 84 inch digital signage screens/LCD advertising display unit, also provide the digital signage media player box if you already have the screens on your side. 



It is an Interactive digital signage solution that allows content to auto loop and trigger additional content when human motion is detected by a motion sensor. Our digital signage solution includes LCD Display, industrial digital media player, Motion sensor, and CMS (content management software) software DSM80. Trigger a single video file or multi-zones playlists with its corresponding motion. Motion sensor triggers content instantly as it detects motion. Our motion sensor is customizable. Set instant motion to be triggered or delay motion as you want.

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