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Digital Signage Solutions For Hotels

- Sep 14, 2017 -

Digital Signage Solutions for Hotels / Hospitality

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The possibilities for digital signage for hospitality are almost limitless. It creates an avenue to enhance the guest experience, drive additional profit, improve staff efficiency and reinforce the brand.

BETVIS digital signage kiosks (IR touch optional) with elegant appearance, can be easily applied to hotel lobby, reception, hallway or inside elevator for information deployment and remote management, like directory of restaurant and entertainment, location navigation, local weather, hotel video, live flight information, date, time, and scrolling text with the help of BETVIS free content management software DSM80. 

How BETVIS Digital Signage benefit hotels

1. wayfinding kiosks at entrance

These are questions that guests often have when trying to find their way around a hotel. Digital wayfinding signage answers these questions even before they are mouthed. Strategically placed digital kiosks for hotels at entrances and elevators can point guests in the right direction. Digital signage in hotels can be used to help guests navigate the hotel and the attractions surrounding the hotel.

2. AIO wall mount signage at reception/ inside elevator

Hoteliers can display useful information like hotel promotions, live flight information, exchange rate, time difference with digital signage screens at the front desk or inside elevator, to get your guests informed at the first time, and optimize their travel experience.  Changing your messages and ads is quick and easy with DSM80. With web-based solutions, you will save time and effort by managing your display from any location with network or Internet access.

3. Floor standing kiosk at lobby

Display answers to your guests most commonly questions, which can decrease the number of guest inquiries regarding navigation, restaurants hours and hotel service. Displaying such information is not only convenient for guests, but it also frees up staff to attend to more pressing needs.

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