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Digital Signage To Improve In-store Marketing

- Dec 19, 2017 -

Digital Signage to Improve In-store Marketing

With the popularity of online shopping, retailers have to closely keep up with the trend. Many retailers understand that they need to not only provide products, but also to create complete shopping experience for customers. South Africa's health and beauty retail chain Clicks is reportedly trying to create this experience through digital signage and self-service terminals across more than 600 stores throughout South Africa. 

Commercial LCD Screen

Clicks works with South African digital signage solution company Moving Tactics to deploy monitors throughout the store, from the window to the billing service. Moving Tactics' key account and advertising director Franta Pour said that retailers are likely to choose double panels because their overall performance outperforms the 16:9 screens. However, because of its pharmacy design, the company has deployed a larger single panel display for pharmacies. Monitors are used in-store navigation guidelines and provide promotion and vendor advertising information. The solution continues to enrich messages so that retailers can deliver their messages to dispersed customers. 

"The Digital signage network for Clicks deployment has been playing an important role in supporting its store marketing and daily sales activities (including vendor advertising presentations)," Pour mentioned in an e-mail interview. "The Digital signage solution enhances the shopping experience of Clicks customers and has a positive impact on sales".

Retailers also see how long customers stay in front of the screen. Moving Tactics GM said, "in 2.2 million customers, the average stay time is 14 seconds, attention span of 7 seconds."

Kevin Bierman, head of Moving Tactics digital signage solution, said in an interview, "it's important to define a customer's shopping trip so that store marketing and promotional space can take advantage of the retailer's information in the most effective way, and optimize it in the right space, and the appropriate audience." "We carefully plan the most visible chunks of the digital screen content and then adjust the content accordingly." 

HD LCD Monitor

In the pharmacy area, Moving Tactics also provides a queuing access information management terminal, which ensures a complete shopping experience for each customer. DSM80 CMS Software has a strong system function and a wealth of intelligent interactive applications, such as retail, pharmaceutical, financial, education, public services and other areas. The self-service terminal itself is a simple tablet computer and is equipped with step-by-step instructions for operational use. Customers can also choose to accept the queued message prompts to prevent being missed.

In the mail, Pour stressed that retailers need a digital signage solution that is easy to maintain and a team that provides specialized content design. This is an important lesson for retailers looking to deploy digital signage, in order to ensure that there is a dedicated team within the supplier or in-house to develop outstanding content. Customers don't waste their time on bad design or content.

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