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Digital Signage To Realize Human-machine Interaction

- Dec 12, 2017 -

Digital Signage to Realize Human-machine Interaction

outdoor advertising screen

Nowadays, outdoor LCD advertising media players emerge in an endless stream, and they have become the trend of smart advertising. How to make the advertising machine more colorful and unique? The previous market bullish outdoor led advertising and outdoor light box advertising cannot meet the requirements in the current situation of such well-developed information. The only advantage of light box advertising is saving cost, but its biggest disadvantage is less information, non-sync playback and slow playback speed. Outdoor LED advertising is unsuitable due to poor clarity, inconvenience customer management. Therefore traditional signs cannot stop the leaping steps of LCD digital signage players. And now the trend of outdoor LCD advertising machine straights up, and the smart digital signage is widely used in various locations, such as bus stops, railway stations, shopping malls.

Speaking of outdoor LCD advertising machine, we have to say the most popular human-machine interactive advertising player, which everyone is familiar with, and mobile phones may be at your first thought, now almost each person having one touch mobile phone. Under the double impetus of technology progress and market application demand, interactive application is rapidly diversifying, which leads to the development of interactive touch advertising machine. Outdoor advertising is rapidly changing, in order to avoid being eliminated by the market, digital transformation becomes inevitable. In this case, interactive advertising machine with practical effect will be naturally more and more popular.

In practical application, the control and access of the masses is the concrete manifestation of the use value of the interactive advertising machine, and the diversity of interactive technology has stimulated people's visiting enthusiasm to a greater extent. In the outdoor advertising industry, touch screen advertising machine can not only custom-made information, but also achieving perfect interaction both online and offline. In addition to the outstanding appearance with dazzling color, interactive touch screen advertisement players are more easily to attract customers ' attention.

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