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Four New Technologies Of Interactive Advertising Player

- Oct 31, 2017 -

Four New Technologies of Interactive Advertising Player


Nowadays, smart systems account for 33% of the global electronic system, and the number of smart devices will grow to 4 billion. In these large-scale intelligent systems, intelligent LCD digital signage player can greatly enhance both user experience and business performance, therefore occupying a large market share. Here are four new technologies of interactive media player:

1.  Video Recognition

Through a USB camera, anonymous video recognition technology is adopted to automatically capture the face of the viewer and analyze the sex, age, and viewing time of each "audience". The technology also has strong privacy protection capability, all analysis carried out in temporary storage and the only nonspecific data saved, such as sex, age and viewing time, not including any portrait-related content. By means of anonymous video recognition technology, on the one hand, LCD advertising player can be more intelligent and interactive; on the other hand, the sender of information can improve the work efficiency by analyzing the data. Built-in anonymous video analysis takes gender and approximate age into account to display and recommend the most appropriate products to meet individual needs. Meanwhile, it provides personalized products, such as electronic coupons, which can be sent to smartphones and used in the future.

2.  Body Sense Interaction

3D virtual fitting is combined with the latest 3D technology, augmented reality (AR), body sense technology, the three major scientific and technological elements. When users stand in front of the big screen, the choice of 3D clothing will magically be on them at a glance only through the control of the gesture. For different styles of clothes, users can easily replace them by changing the pages. In addition, for the clothes that users prefer, the virtual fitting system is equipped with photo functions. Users can easily get the photo of their 3D clothes fitting effect, thereby optimizing users’ shopping experience.

3.  Touch Interaction

The so-called touchscreen, in terms of market concepts, is a computer input device that almost everyone is able to use, or a device that everyone can use to communicate with the computer, which is the magic of touch screen. By using this technique, users can use their fingers to touch the graphic characters or text on the screen to achieve the operation, which makes the human-computer interaction more straightforward.

4.  Eye Contact Control

If touch and voice control is a leap in human-machine interaction to nature, the eye-control is an evolution. Even if you are not in focus, the system catches your eyes and controls the screen through them.

It is understood that eye control technology has been mature and widely used in the industrial control, robotics and clinical medicine. Now it goes into the mass market. The highest level of eye control technology is the automatic correction system, which avoids the cumbersome manual adjustment, and improves optical acquisition accuracy through algorithm optimization, functions like line of sight tracking, identification of eyes’ state to be achieved in the near future.

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