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Gaming & Casino Digital Signage

- Sep 01, 2017 -


 Digital signage screens have been deployed in more an d more casino floors and inside in forms of wayfinding, advertising  and digital promotion posters. Casinos utilize digital signage to guide, entertain and enlighten their guests. Betvis  can  provide the whole digital signage solution for the gaming and casino industry to:

 •Increased Conversion Rates 

 •Increased Customer Traffic 

 •Increased Sales of Other Products 

 •Increased Customer Loyalty 

 Wall Mounting Digital Signage:

 All different sizes LCD digital signage player and smaller LCD room boards can streamline casino and gaming center  wayfinding. Digital can also inform as well as advertise amenities to your guests.

 Pedestal and Kiosk Signage :

 Pedestal and kiosk signage systems can also be used for in-isle advertisement..

 Player’s Club Touchscreens:

 With a digital touchscreen solution, not only can your guests and players club members view your casino’s restaurants and  amenities, but your guests and players can lookup local restaurants, flight  information, area maps, local weather and  more…Player’s club members can even access casino comps, reservations and reward points!

 Betvis digital signage solution is a cloud-based digital engagement platform, enabling organizations to create, edit, manage  and deploy digital content with ease. The solution is fully scalable and is used by commercial and corporate enterprisesto  drive customer engagement and enhance in-store experiences.

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