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History Of Liquid Crystal

- Jul 28, 2016 -

With liquid-crystal-liquid crystal back in 1850, Prussian doctor ludaofufeier Shao (Rudolf Virchow) and others found that nerve fibers in the extract contains an unusual material. In 1877, Germany physicist Otto? Lehman (Otto Lehmann) using polarized light microscope for the first time observed the phenomenon of LCD, but he did not know the cause of this phenomenon.

Austria Prague, Germany plant physiologist at the University of Fiji Andrea casiraghi? Friedrich reinitzer (Friedrich Reinitzer) heating benzoic acid cholesteryl ester (Cholesteryl Benzoate) to study the role of cholesterol within the plant, on March 14, 1883, observed that cholesteryl benzoate abnormality in the hot melt. It at 145.5 melted, produces a light turbidity, temperature rose to 178.5 ℃, glory disappear, transparent liquid. This liquid cool, cloudy again appeared, instantly appear blue, and Crystal for the first time, the color is blue and purple.

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