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Hotel Digital Signage Solution

- Nov 10, 2017 -

Smart Hotel Digital Signage Project

Nowadays, various digital signage players are widely used in various retail and service industries. In the hotel industry, traditional methods, such as poster, projector, LCTV, whiteboard, have numerous defects, like non-green, tedious TV signal, lack of beauty and low efficiency in communication. To create a smart hotel, LCD kiosk and wall mount media player are of great importance, including vivid pictures, attractive videos and promotion commercials. The following cases are based on the smart hotel projects we have participated in:

Hotel Lobby: 55 / 65 Inch Floor Standing Digital Signage Player:

Kiosk 2.JPG


Restaurant: 43 / 49 / 55 Inch LCD Kiosk:

DS Player.png


VIP Hall: 22 / 32 / 43 Inch Wall Mount Digital Signage Player:


Key Features of Betvis Smart Hotel Digital Signage Products:

  • Original Samsung or LG LED panel;

  • Vandal-proof tempered glass;

  • Powerful user-friendly DSM80 CMS software;

  • Network update, supporting LAN and Wi-Fi by default;

  • Reliable online technical support.

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