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Lyotropic Liquid Crystal

- Jul 28, 2016 -

Lyotropic liquid crystal is composed of two or more components of the formation of liquid crystal and is water or another polar solvent. This is a solute will dissolve in a solvent to form liquid crystal material. Typical solutes in part by a one end is hydrophilic, other parents of hydrophobic molecules. 12 alkyl sulfonic acid sodium salt or fat alkali metal salts such as sodium soaps of fatty acids, and so on. The solvent is water, when the solute is soluble in water, in different concentrations, as the parent molecule hydrophilic, hydrophobic effects will form the core of the different phases (middle) and phase (lamella), are spherical or cylindrical core. Which are similar to the smectic phase layer arrangement of composition. Long rod in the lyotropic liquid solute molecules than constitute thermotropic liquid crystalline of the much larger long Rod-like molecules, molecular axis than about 15 or so. The most common SOAP and water, detergent solution and surfactant solution and so on. Interactions between solute and solute is secondary.

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