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MAC Introduces AR Beauty Experience

- Dec 20, 2017 -

MAC Introduces AR Beauty Experience

Modiface, from Toronto, has launched a very lively and impressive AR (augmented reality) test mirror for MAC Cosmetic, which allows most female consumers to preview the makeup of different types and shades of cosmetics without hands-on practice.

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The virtual effect is mapped to the face in 30 frames per second, and its working principle is impressive, adopting 3D video makeup rendering techniques. The final result is that the person standing in front of the mirror can move flexibly to the left or right, or "apply" lip gloss or eyeliner, and use the reflected image to move the graphic.

What impresses me most is the accuracy and speed, and I rarely see the delay in the video. Another point was the use of augmented reality technology, which also achieved a virtual effect, to avoid many people use the same lipstick to preview the makeup effect.

"We are delighted to bring virtual MAC to our independent store, first to the United States and then to the world." The digital sign, which provides technical support from ModiFace, gives us an unprecedented sense of fidelity and reduction, bringing unique colors and artistic beauty to the brand, "said Tim Tareco, senior vice president of global creativity in MAC visual merchandising and display design."

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Modiface experts have carved 29 pairs of different eyes with maximum fidelity to maximize the fidelity of virtual trial makeup. According to the introduction, the virtual face of the mirror 30 times per second to the user's face, to ensure that the face of the situation will be reflected in the mirror in real time, and it has sub-pixel precision, rendering quality enough with the actual makeup artist's make-up effect comparable. Betvis Digital Signage has a strong system function and a wealth of intelligent interactive applications, and it has been widely installed in many retail stores.

"MAC Cosmetic is a unique, well-known beauty brand, and we are delighted to work with MAC on many AR applications, the first of which is to apply lifelike real-time makeup visuals to MAC stores."

The company said the smart virtual electronic advertising boards led to an average increase of 31% in sales volume.

The virtual makeup mirror has been launched at MAC stores across the United States and is expected to achieve global expansion in early 2018. 

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