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Network Advertising Player Promotes New Retail Business

- Jan 03, 2018 -

Network Advertising Player Promotes New Retail Business

In 2016, the concept of Five New, namely new retail, new finance, new manufacturing, new technology, and new energy, is first proposed in the Cloud Habitat Conference. During this Cloud Habitat Meeting, network advertising player new retail once again mentioned as a hot spot of the conference. Chairman of the Academic Committee Zeng from Alibaba Group said in the summit, "The new retail network advertising player is new, mainly due to its new gene. IT is the result of data intelligence, network synergy and retail business scene integration". For the advertising machine industry, the new retail, to the industry's thinking and development may have the following several directions for us to think and explore:

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Technical Analysis of Advertising Machine

If one of the main features of online retailing is to let people "curtilage up", then the offline retail should consider the matter is to create a certain "temptation" to let people "out". This temptation is supposed to rely on "experience" to attract people to regain the "stroll" desire. In our past impressions, the perception of experience may be as simple as Alipay, limited to a little bit of functional experience promotion, and this strategy has some effect, but does not improve the experience of the scene in essence. Then the network advertising player tells you that we are building a commercial Museum of Art.

Dynamics of Advertising Player Retail Industry

If 2016 network advertisement player industry "shuffle" characteristic is - price war, scale, quality war, then its core strategic location of 2017, as the "new retail year”, network advertising machine, is no doubt fall in the meticulous application of the scene of the landing battle. The first continent is the commercial retail area that can be compatible with the large-scale display equipment. By the trend of new retail, major enterprises have started the layout, following the author to see their strategy and action.

On the New Retail of Digital Signage Player

New retail, as the concentrated place, its detonated scene and concept also began to extend laterally, such as widely disputed but greatly optimistic about the "unmanned supermarket"; an artificial intelligence that triggers panic but is seductive; a ubiquitous but yet improved vending machine; intelligent community reform triggered by intelligent retailing. Obviously, this is not a small grenade, but a compression grenade that will spark dramatic changes in both life and business. It is slowly accumulating strength, triggering the discussion and attracting attention from all walks of life.

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