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New Retail With Interactive Digital Signage Display

- Dec 25, 2017 -

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What is the smartest retail store in shanghai, the honor should belong to Ali and Unicom cooperated smart store, located in Jiangsu Road subway station. The store is the first “wisdom store” equipped with upgraded new retail elements, already has AR technology, Online and Offline product sharing inventory, big data selection and other black technology.

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The black technology is realized by coordinating with Betvis network interactive display, namely 55 inch all in one touch screen display and 2*2 55 inch super narrow bezel video wall. The screens both inside and outside Unicom wisdom store are attracting more and more visitors to come and experience.


interactive touch screen supplier .jpg

The 55 inch touch screen display act as a cloud display shelf, a wide variety of high technology smart consumer products are listed on the screen, viewers can check more product details, like detailed pictures, parameters, functions and so on, just by touching the screen and simply swiping through. Also you can order the product online, scanning the QR code and get payment confirmed in the store, then go home and wait your product delivered.


shop video wall .jpg

To enhance the store interactive experience, Unicom installed 4 splicing video wall on the show window, integrated with flash shop AR experience system. The system is a mobile service tool, which is used to connect your mobile phone to the big screen for multiplayer interactive games. At the event site, viewers can enter into the big screen interface through wechat terminal, sharing multiplayer games on the same screen to improve the interactive effect, also viewers can interact with functions like message, reward, check-in, shaking, voting and lottery.


wall mounting touch screens.jpg

On opening day, Ali Unicom wisdom store is overwhelming visitors, from industry media and regular customers. Betvis big screens played an important role in enhancing store image, user experience, business services etc.      

More information regarding digital signage products on new retail, please do free to contact us now!                                 

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