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Physical Characteristics

- Jul 28, 2016 -

When power is conducted, arranged in order, light easily; when it is not powered on arranged chaos, blocking light through. LCD like a gate to block or let the light pass through. Technically simple to say that LCD panel contains two pieces of fairly sophisticated sodium-glass material, known as Substrates, between a layer of liquid crystals. When passing through the LCD, LCD itself a irregular-shaped rows of stands or reverse, thus blocking or beams pass. Most of the liquid crystals are organic compounds, formed by the long Rod-like molecules. In a State of nature, which roughly parallel to the long axis of the rod-like molecules. The LCD into a sophisticated processing of slotted flat, liquid crystal molecules are arranged, so if those slots are parallel, then the molecule is completely parallel to the. LCD is a cross between a crystalline intermediate between the State and the liquid state. Some of the characteristics of both liquid and Crystal shows some unique properties.

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