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Six Points Differences Between Digital Signage LCD Display And LCD TV (Ⅰ)

- Dec 13, 2017 -

Due to the close appearance between digital signage lcd display and liquid crystal TV, many users think LCD tv is digital signage lcd display with different housing, and hold skeptical attitudes towards its high price. Actually, we can tell the differences between lcd display and lcd tv from below 6 points and see if lcd display can match its high price.

digital signage lcd display

Firstly, What matters most is its stability.

Digital signage lcd display is usually equiped with better dustproof superior properties. Common lcd TV can only be limited to small space with clean application environment and proper humidity such as home, meeting room; while digital signage lcd display appear more in public places with more dusty and unstable humidity and temperature. 


Industrial-grade digital signage lcd screen can support long time non-stop working. Different from personal and home use habit, digital signage lcd display usually can work 24*7*365, which is like differences between sever and PC. Though lcd tv shares the same material in panel, non-stop woking will make lcd tv accumulate much heat and become aging. Thus digital signage lcd display with extral fans and heat dispense panel  has better thermal capacility  than lcd tv.

Maybe, pc can be used as sever in short time, but in terms of non-stop working stability, sever will be much higher than PC, which is the same with digital signage lcd display. To make it work 24hours without stop under all kinds of uncomfortable environment, digital signage lcd display working stability must be improved with extral equipment and extral cost.

Secondly, digital signage lcd display brightness will be higher.

Since digital signage lcd display usually be adopted in open area with good lighting, home use common lvd tv can't meet its brightness requirement. As a good feature of digital signage lcd display, the cost of high brightness is hard to calculate.

Thirdly, display area differs from digital signage lcd display and lcd tv.

No matther digital signage lcd display or lcd tv, their display area and aspect ratio has certain professional standard. For example, lcd tv has 32inch, 37inch, 40inch, 43inch,46inch... their aspect ratio all control within 4:3 or 16:9 or 16:10 seldom with special aspect ration.However, digital signage lcd display is not like that. To meet special application requirement, digital signage lcd display usually comes with nonstandard ratio like stretched display, square display. Digital signage lcd display with customized requirements is usually more expensive than General-purpose production line products.


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