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Six Points Differences Between Digital Signage LCD Display And LCD TV (Ⅱ)

- Dec 26, 2017 -

Due to the close appearance between digital signage lcd display and liquid crystal TV, many users think LCD tv is digital signage lcd display with different housing, and hold skeptical attitudes towards its high price. Actually, we can tell the differences between lcd display and lcd tv from below 6 points and see if lcd display can match its high price.

Digital Signage LCD Screen壁挂-5.jpg

In our last article, we have discussed three points, and today we will continue to show the rest.

Forthly, digital signage lcd display for special application involves in extral equipments.

To realize display effect, digital signage lcd display always needs extral hardware support including digital signage media player. Sometime in order to expand display area, improve resolution, stitchging technique will be adopted. This kinb of combination job increase its cost. 

In addition, to make video wall effect, digital sigange lcd display withultra-thin bezel will be needed. Price for ultra-thin bezel digital signage lcd display ranges according to its bezel.

Then, there exists differences in I/O ports between digital signage lcd display and lcd TV.

For home use lcd tv, usually only VGA, DVI and HDMI are available, DP port is seldom used. However, in industrial field, BNC ports will be given special usage. 

Last but not least, power consumption is also versatile.

People usually attach great importance to power consumption and advcate environment protecting and power saving for home use or personal use product. However, digital signage lcd display won't only pay attention to power consumption, but request stability. Extral heat dispensing system and high brightness backlight usually cause more power consumption.

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