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Strategies To Increase Holiday Sales Volume Through Digital Signage

- Jan 03, 2018 -

Strategies to Increase Holiday Sales Volume through Digital Signage

New Year holidays approaching, retailers now are carefully preparing for this holiday carnival. What can network digital signage player do for your holiday business? The answer is surely much more than your expectation if you can make the best of them. Digital Signage offers many benefits to the retail industry, and here are the following six strategies for increasing your holiday sales volume:

lcd digital signage display

1. Choose the most profitable and best-selling products

Put your most profitable and best-selling product on the digital screen display and strategically place it at a store. Research shows that sales of advertising products on digital signage can be increased by 15%.

2. Provide and publicize special promotional activities to save costs

Any better way to advertise your products and promotions on digital signage than to let people around the world know about it, or at least your clients know about the finer things? Just put a few digital signs at your store, and your income will naturally increase.

3. Promote your loyalty program or customer newsletter

Loyalty projects are a good way to increase loyal customers. Let your loyal clients know that you have a project or program that offers free marketing advice, and we even encourage you to create a possibility for your customers to contract.

4. Seek sponsorship from producers and suppliers and, of course, offer benefit to them

Manufacturers are always looking to sell more products, and so do you. This common sales interest can provide a potential sponsorship opportunity, and you can just take advantage of this opportunity. Do you want to let more people know about your product? Get in touch with your manufacturer and give them an opportunity to advertise on a digital signage display that meets their needs and attracts their customers ' attention.

5. Tell the consumer your brand story and make you different

People are not associated with manufacturers, products or even money. People are associated with other people and emotions to ensure a better and happier life. Whether you believe it or not, they want to hear your story, which is a different place from your competitors.

Tell your story to the consumer. It can be done by making a short slideshow, with relevant pictures, so that consumers move in your story, they will naturally choose your product spontaneously.

6. Allow your customers to participate and provide them with useful information

It is actually a long way to approach customers. You can show your customers useful information, such as weather, stock information, your company's blog, and so on. You can use Betvis micro-broad screen, two-dimensional code, such as interactive applications. Interactive digital signage can easily help you do this, so that your customers can feel the top shopping experience in your store, and feel your enthusiastic concern.

We hope you will benefit from these tips, and we are confident that LCD digital signage player, including media player box, kiosk and wall mount digital sign, will play an important role in the upcoming holiday sales.

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