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What Is Network Advertising Media Player?

- Dec 12, 2017 -

What is Network Advertising Media Player?

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Definition of Network Advertising Media Player

Compared with the original standalone advertising machine, network digital signage player is the updated device that equipped with network interface or modules. With the interfaces or modules, users can control all display terminals through a network server, including the display of information and file transmission and so on.

Features of Network Advertising Media Player

Thanks to the leading technology advantages, various types of network advertising machines are widely used in hotels, supermarkets, buildings and other high-income areas ideal for advertising. With the help of network devices, users can make use of Ethernet to achieve centralized control, scheduled management and multimedia content transmission. WLAN functions can be selected in locations where the wiring infrastructure does not meet network connectivity.

If you would like to integrate the TV feature into your advertising application, you can use the TV tuner, which can be combined with HDMI to bring high-definition audio and video to the audience. The multifunctional SD card and CF card sockets are very convenient for dynamic advertisement information release, which brings maximum flexibility for digital advertisement application.

Functions of Network Advertising Media Player

1.       Remote control and the network are available to copy, delete and other operations the files stored in the box, and they can be used to set IP address, working hours and working days.

2.       Perfect player area classification, industry classification, owner classification management.

3.       Sound background management system: it can provide users management, protection contract management, material statistics, log analysis, column diagram and pie chart analysis.

4.       Supporting network update program (video, picture, text), download to play local storage; supporting automatic switch machine, setting up working day; supporting sync video program, picture program and text materials.

5.       Supporting playback box play encrypted program, only the programs passed user’s audit can be played.

6.       Supporting the playback terminal and the server time synchronization, and supporting play HD programs and H.264 format.

Network digital signage player has occupied the majority of the high-end market of digital advertising. With the continuous improvement of technology and the downward price of the digital media screens, it is bound to play a vital role in the medium -end market in the near future.

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