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Restaurant Digi Menu

Digital Menu systems are a perfect way to replace traditional light-box or vinyl menu systems. Allowing immediate updating of prices and ensuring consistency across multi site roll outs. Information can also be controlled from head office, removing the need for trained personnel on site. Digital menu boards can attract viewers, generate product excitement and have a tangible effect on revenue.

People are eating out now more than ever, and smart restaurateurs are using digital technology to engage customers on a deeper level. As the idea of quick and inexpensive meals gained national appeal, more quick-serve restaurants came on the scene.Traditional Menu board at fast food restaurants can be replaced with Digital Signage LCD displays allows the restaurant owners to manage pricing and menu items instantly or corporate owned fast food places can change the menus and promotions remotely.

Benefits for the consumer:

Increased understanding of the items offered by the restaurant
Improved order efficiency to reduce the burdens that long lines place on the consumer
An enhancement or introduction of entertainment in the dining experience
Improved communications between client and service provider, leading to greater customer satisfaction

Benefits for the restaurant:

As customers improve their understanding and the client/service provider relationship improves as a result of better communication, the business is more likely to experience an increase in the number of return customers

Reduction in the number of staff required and a significant decrease in the associated costs (such as staff training)

Higher sales resulting from the improved order efficiency

A positive perception of the actual dining environment


Automated Breakfast, lunch and dinner menu changes
Quick price changes and menu items
Every day menu can be programmed with a different look
Centralized management for multiple locations
Identical menu displays through out the restaurant chain
Classier look than traditional menu board system
Low operating cost than traditional menu board systems
Replace static images with eye catching animated images
High Definition graphic presentation than printed materials