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Retail Chain Store Digital Signage Solution

With growing popularity of brand awareness, people tends to go shopping in retail Chain store. Increasing customers makes retail chain store advertisements an important method of appealling for clients and improving sales results.

BETVIS brand retail chain store digital signage solution leads customers into a magical world filled with immersive interactive experiences. Correct deployment of digital signage inretail chain store helps lift brand awareness and praise for all sorts of retail stores no matter it is clothing,cosmetic, food, or daily life service.

Digital Signage for Retail Chain Store Entrance

Retail Chain Story Entrance is  a vital place for digital sigange application, since it depends that whether customer have interests in entering into the store or not.

Betvis can provide 43'',49'' and 55''inch free standing digital signage lcd display adopting Samsung or LG original lcd panel and powerd by free digital signage management software DSM 80for eye-cathing advertising promotion.


There is another product we'd like to introduce for outside of reatil chain store when it is exposed to sunlight and rain, that's is Betvis outdoor floor standing digital signage lcd display. It features with 2000nits which is readable under direct sunshine, FHD resolution display vivid iamge and video, IP55 even IP65 waterproof and dust-proof fuselage makes it can stand all weather environment. 


Checkout Counter & In-Store 

Checkout counter and In-store are good places for reatil chain store keepers promote their goods and improve clients' shopping experience to reach their goal of increasing sales results.

Betvis all in one wall mount display combines the digital signage player into the display panel itself. It is featured with remote management and updating contents via network. With web-based server software DSM80, you can edit, schedule and campaign the playlist. it's ideal for reatil chain store product detail display and promotion information issuing.



Customized Features


Show window glass projection can be displayed by connecting a projector with a media player.


Pick up the products so relevant information can be triggered to display on screen.


Content can be updated from headquarter or from local separately.


Data from any database can be automatically updated on screens.

Solution Architecture



Centralized management over hundreds of branch stores.

09.jpgSynchronized content updated automatically by schedule
08.jpgDetailed statistics report from each store for analysis10.jpgAffordable solution realized by media player +TVs/Monitors

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