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Retail(Malls, Shops, Chain stores)

Liquid crystal displays, plasma display panels and scrolling message boards are a few of the more common in-store devices used to project full-motion video, sound and text. Digital signage enables a retailer to control and display their messages quickly and effectively.We provides a powerful, easy-to-implement, dynamic digital signage solution for timely, flexible sharing of retail information of all kinds,including advertising campaigns, product information, local news and weather, and targeted sales messaging of all kinds as soon as your customers walk in the door. With our Digital Signage System, your customers experience convincing and valuable communications that help you get your messages across easily and effectively.


Suggested applications:

Used in the store entrance, end caps, checkout lanes and rest rooms of grocery stores, convenience stores and gas stations
One Digital Signage Channel (locations) that is set up by the person responsible for marketing
Provides today's specials and targets customers to more profitable products.
Increases "impulse buys" on low cost, high profit items

Possible contents:

Paid advertising by suppliers
Current and upcoming specials
Customer quotes
Business hours
Local and national news
Employee recognition and awards
Community involvement
Rewards program information
Holiday store closings


Targets your messages more precisely according to time of day, day of the week, store location, geography-specific campaigns. current weather conditions ¡ª whatever is key to connecting with customers at that place and time

Focuses more of your communication investment at the point-of-sale rather than on more traditional and less effective mediums

Enhances the brand-building power of your retail locations by leveraging the latest in digital display technology

Gives you the power to make every display smart and targeted, with the highest degree of control over what plays, when, and at what frequency, and you can design a schedule of messages that changes dynamically over the course of a day, as customers, and shopping habits

Creates potential new revenue opportunities if you want to get your vendors to advertise on your network