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Digital Signage offers a highly powerful and flexible communication method for campus environments. Schools, Colleges and Universities can all benefit from the real-time messaging capabilities and high impact content of a professionally installed Digital Signage system. From creating content to scheduling to distribution and playback, Our digital signage can handle everything in a single network. Further more, the entire signage system can be managed by any number of people, be it a single teacher or an entire classroom of students.The model for on-campus digital signage is simple: Find places where the greatest amount of people are congregated at any one time and it becomes a hotspot for screen placement. On college campuses, building lobbies and student unions, which see the most student traffic, have become the most popular targets for digital messaging systems.


Suggested applications:

On-air community bulletin boards
Emergency broadcast systems
Campus TV networks

Possible contents:

School news and weather emergencies
Local and academic event calendars
Sports scores, morning announcements
Homework assignments
Notifying community of school closings
Upcoming social and sporting events or meetings
Sports and club competition scores
Dining room menus
Lecture hall topics/presentations
Student and faculty recognition
Disaster preparedness emergency information
Registration and other administrative information
Internships/on-campus recruiting schedules
Community information
Much more other information


Provides a centralized communication point for the institution
Indirect payback:
Better communication with students and faculty
Projects technological leadership
Supplements or replaces paper notices
Provides hearing impaired individuals with an opportunity to view daily announcements and other important information