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Supermarket Digital Signage Solution

With a little help of network digital signage, supermarkets can become super smart and better places to visit. Now there are many possibilities out there ready to improve our shopping experience, with options ranging from shelf tag, stretched signage, double-side shelf screen to supermarket kiosk and more.

For Supermarket environment, digital signage placement is everything. Location is extremely important and matters a great deal. It is recommended to consider the following locations for deployment.

1. Digital Signage for Supermarket Shelf Edge 

Shelf Edge Digital Signage Screen can help the retail and supermarket owners turn passers-byes into passing trade. With 27.5''Full HD LCD Panel, it can actively grab customer's attention to offer the owner 21st century supermarket shopping experience. Please click here for Shelf Edge Digital Signage Datasheet.


There is another product recommended for shelf edge digital signage application, it is 10'' small signage, which has built-in signage player with quad-core platform and ready-to-use digital signage software to save customer's APP installation time. Please click here to check detailed 10'' Digital Signage Display Datasheet.

10 inch_Small_Signage.jpg

2. Meat and Fruite Area in Supermarket

Supermarket Meat and Fruite Area is a good place for advertising and promotion. Big area space allows owners to deploy LCD Video Wall for promotion of the meat and Fruite and customers can see the promotion from far away from this eare, which can deliver impressive dynamic contents to increase sales. 

Betvis can provide 46'' and 55'' video wall with narrow bezel and with 500nit and 700nit high brightness to provide better quality image even in the high light ambient in supermarket. Please click here for detailed LCD Video Wall Datasheet.


3. Ceiling of Supermarket in Products Area and Lateral Side of Shelf

There are some places in supermarket is limited to space, but it is ideal for advertising and promition if using the ultrawide display in those areas, UltraWide LCD Display is with 32:9 aspect ratio so it is half height of the normal LCD display to save the installation place. With 700nit brightness, it can provide better visibility in the supermarket lighting ambient environment. Please click here for detailed UltraWide LCD Display Datasheet


4. Other Applications for Supermarket Digital Signage



The stretched display gives the shelf a better chance to get attention.


The digital shelf tag improves paper label into smart label.


The double-side shelf screen eliminates any blind zone in field of view.


Live video shows the cheerful atmosphere inside the supermarket to invite passers-by in.

Case Study


TESCO in Thailand


Tops SUPER STORE in Thailand